Details of the Summer Youth program to teach the youth Islamic studies

We are please to announce that the registration for the Summer Youth Program to learn Arabic and Islamic studies is now open.

💡 Goals:
   That the student completes the courses and have had studied various Islamic studies topics. And this is a key for the student to desire to seek out greater means to seek knowledge.

📆 The duration of class:
    Class will begin in summer, starting in the beginning of July, and ends in the end of August, so the student will study for two complete months.

⏰ The amount of days and classes:
  • Class will be from Monday to Wednesday every week. Class will be three days a week, two hours everyday. Class will begin at 10pm, Mecca time.
  • Every day the student will have 4 classes. Each class is 30 minutes long. There will be a 15 minute break between the two hours. So the student will study in total 8 different topics, which equates to 96 classes in learning Islamic studies, Quran and Arabic.

📚 المواد الدراسية:
  • Quran and tafseer: amount of classes (16).
  • The Arabic language: amount of classes (16).
  • Tawheed: amount of classes (8).
  • Jurisprudence: amount of classes (8).
  • Etiquette and Mannerisms: amount of classes (8).
  • The Prophet’s Biography: amount of classes (8).
  • Hadith: amount of classes (8).
  • Invocations and Supplications: amount of classes (8).

📚 Youth course content

💻 The Method of learning:

   .Classes in Markaz Ibn Qayyim for the Youth will be live, via zoom. There will be a separate teacher and class for the boys and girls.

✒️ Teachers and Supervisors:

   We have selected the male and female teachers who are known for their knowledge, and correct methodology. The Markaz is under the supervision of Dr.Khalid Al-Dhufairi.

✅ Grade points accumulation:

Every course will be calculated from 100 points, then these grades will be averaged for a final grade for the student.

📜 Upon completion:

The student will receive a report card for every class that he completes. And he’ll receive a certificate of completion after he completes the entire courses.

🚧 Number of students:

The amount of students in each class will be limited. Every class will have 30 students, between the male and female students.

💳 Tuition fee:

The student will study close to 48 hours, and 96 classes. Every class will be 30 minutes. The tuition of one complete semester is 300 dollars. The payment is made in the beginning of the course. B aware that the seats are limited, and priority is give to those who pay first.

📋 General conditions:
  1. A certificate of good conduct.
  2. Dedicated to attend classes.
  3. A capability to learn.
  4. Age is from 8 to 15.
  5. Pay tuition at the time of registration, and not requesting a refund at cancellation, or not being present.
  6. Respecting the privacy of the female teachers, in which the students male guardians are not permitted to listen or enter the zoom room.

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