The Details of Al-Tamheedi (in English)

The details of the syllabus of Al-Tamheedi to learn the Arabic language and the Quran. 

The Al-Tamheedi program (the introductory section) at the Ibn Al-Qayyim Center for Learning the Arabic Language and Islamic Sciences for non-native speakers, together with memorization of some short Surahs from the noble Qur’an.

Duration of study

The learning program is divided into three semesters in the year. The first semester begins in September every year and ends mid-December. The second semester starts at the beginning of February until mid-May. And the third semester begins in the beginning of June (Month 6) till the end of August. The duration of each semester will be three and a half months, approximately.

Number of days and classes

Classes start on Thursday of every week and end on Sunday, so classes are four days a week. Two hours and half every day, starting at 9pm Makkah time.

The total number of hours of the Arabic lessons in one semester would be approximately 140 hours, in addition to an hour per week, which is on average 16 hours for the class of memorizing some of the short chapters of Juz Amma.

DayFirst HourSecond Hour
Thursday9pm10pm - 11:30pm
Friday9pm10pm - 11:30pm
Saturday9pm10pm - 11:30pm
Sunday9pm10pm - 11:30pm
One hour Qur'aan class

at 8 pm every Saturday or Sunday

Classification of students

The students registered to learn the Arabic language are classified into two categories- beginner and intermediate, and will be tested through an exam. Therefore, the beginner enrolls to learn the Arabic language in the first class (i.e. first grade) and the intermediate enrolls in the second class (i.e. second grade).

Method of Study

The learning program at Ibn Al-Qayyim Center is through the (Moodle) educational platform. The student will be registered and given a username through which he can access his schedule and materials. The lectures will be live on Zoom, and a recorded lecture can be downloaded after its completion for those who were unable to attend. However, beware that benefit cannot be obtained without discipline and commitment to attend, especially since attendance has grades within the graduation levels. 

Categorization of Grades for The Qur’an Studies

AttendanceRecitation (Homework)Final Exam

Categorization of Grades for The Qur’an Studies

AttendanceRecitation (Homework)Final Exam

Due to the need for the student to communicate with the teacher in learning the Arabic language and pronouncing letters, we assign a special teacher for men and a special teacher for women, and the same for memorizing and recitation of the Qur’an.

Qur'aan Studies

The student will memorize in the first level Surah Al-Fatiha and half of Juz Amma- from Surah Al-Sharh to An-Naas.
And in the second level, from surah Al-Dhuha till surah Al-A'laa. 
And in the third level, from surah Al-Tariq till Surah Al-Naba. 

Arabic Studies

In the Arabic language studies, the whole series (Noor al-Bayan), consisting of (10) parts, will be studied, and divided into three sections based on the student’s level in the Arabic language.

The First Section: from Book 1 till Book 3
The Second Section: from Book 4 till Book 6
The Third Section: from Book 7 till Book 10

Teachers and Supervision

Teachers were selected from among those with experience in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, males and females who have completed memorization of the Qur’aan and have certificates of competency in recitation. The center is under the supervision of Dr. Khalid bin Dahwi Al Dhafiri

Target or Goal

That the student graduates having memorized all of Juz Amma, for the students who completed all three sections, and to be fluent in reading, writing and speaking Arabic, so that he can then join the students of knowledge of the Sharia Academy.

Number of students

The number of male and female students in one semester will be limited, and at each level, 20-30 male and female students will be able to join.


The student studies in one semester about (166) hours. and Tuition fees for one full semester is $500, So that the price of one hour is about (3) dollars, to be paid at the beginning of the semester. Since places are limited, priority is given to whoever completes payment of the fees and the personal interview. Immediate family members will receive a 10% discount off the total fee. And priority is given to those who pay the tuition.. 

General Terms and Conditions:
1- Good conduct. 
2- Commitment to attend. 
3- The ability to learn. 
4- Aged 14 years and above. 
5- Paying fees at the time of registration, and not refunding fees upon cancellation or no-attendance.


The student will be given a graduation certificate after the end of each semester, a Certificate and Transcript, whether he joined us from its beginning (first level) or in (second level).


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